About the LNN:
  • Do you have a preternatural interest in cephalopods?
  • Do you ever lay awake at night dreaming of ways to introduce the word "cyclopean" into everyday speech?
  • Have you ever looked up 47° 9′ 0″ S, 126° 43′ 0″ W on Google Maps?
  • Do you know what the Cup of the Ptolemies was carven out of?
  • Does your heart flutter whenever you hear someone mention a "bloop?"
  • Do you know that the most merciful thing in the world is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you are probably just like us here at the Lovecraft News Network. Forget earthly politics, celebrities, and hope. This is your source for news that really matters.

Mission Statement:

Our goal is to provide an eclectic, free source for the latest news related to H.P. Lovecraft, including original interviews, arts, culture, science, scholarship, and kitsch. To accomplish this, we operate as an amalgamation of a news outlet, scholarly resource, enthusiast nexus, and annotated bibliography.

We strive to maintain as wide of a scope as possible while maintaining the dignity and sophistication Lovecraft is known for. We encourage our readers to send in links or their own short articles to help keep the greater Lovecraft community informed.


Q: Who was H.P. Lovecraft, and why should I care?

A: Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890 – 1937) was an early Modern author who helped pioneer the genre of horror as we know it today. In addition to his fiction, Lovecraft was arguably the most prolific author in American history with upwards of 100,000 letters to his credit detailing a sophisticated ideology and intricate literary approach that many people find relevant today. Lovecraft's posthumous influence into the 21st century is incredibly diverse and has spread into television, film, fiction, music, video games, toys, literary criticism, and political discourse.

Q: Do you cover scholarly or pop culture projects?

A: Both. The LNN actually has its roots in scholarship and academics, but it has grown to encompass a diverse scope of interest in the world of contemporary Lovecraftiana and is open to everything from doctoral dissertations and refereed scholarship to action figures and the hyper mundane.

Q: I am a director/author/artist of a Lovecraft related project. Will you help me promote it?

A: Yes. We love to help introduce Lovecraft to new audiences by promoting products related to Lovecraft culture. Send us a press release, and we will try and help you out in whatever way we can.

Q: Do you post articles or media from other sites?

A: Though we like to focus on original interviews, we do incorporate news articles, press releases, media, and all manner of quoted material in our noble cause. We will ALWAYS give credit to sourced material. However, we are aware that some authors are sensitive about their material appearing on websites other than their own. If you see something on our website that is yours and want it down, let us know.

Contact the LNN at the following address:

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